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Cybersecurity Defense

Prevent and defend against modern cyber attacks with a trusted partner


Digital security.

Data protection.

Whichever term you use, we’ll help you identify threats to your computing systems and establish methods to secure information processing, transmission, and storage.

CyberNova is ready to help fortify your digital presence with a comprehensive plan designed for your business and industry. We make your digital safety our priority and we’ve got expertise to help you design, build and actively monitor a secure tech stack.

Guaranteed Security Coverage

Invest in your security infrastructure today to avoid expensive breaches tomorrow

Security Management

Protect valuable IP and business data in addition to customer and employee information.

Network Security

Protect the integrity and privacy of data being transferred across networks, both internal and external.

Endpoint Security

Detect and prevent security threats like malware targeted towards desktops, laptops and mobile devices.

Application Security

Our experts work alongside your team to protect and monitor software that’s critical to your business.

What you should know:


of small businesses experienced at least one cyber-attack in 2023.

The medium number of attacks has risen from 3 in 2022 to 4 in 2023.



of enterprises failed a compliance audit in the past 12 months.

Of those that failed, 31% experienced a breach that same year compared to just 3% who had passed compliance.


Million in 2023

Cyberattacks cost global businesses an average of $4.45mil in 2023 alone.

That’s an increase of 15% over 3 years.

Article: IBM (Cost of a Data Breach Report 2023)

Cybersecurity for
todaytomorrowyour future
Modernize SecurityEvaluate and invest your IT budget where it will make the most impact. Consolidate redundant services while preserving what’s most important—the security.
Build TrustShow customers you take their privacy and security seriously. Demonstrating your commitment to secure practices is more important than ever as cyber & ransome attacks are on the rise.
Eliminate BlindspotsIncrease compliance requirements and update old technologies to prevent easy entry points for attackers.
Future-proof TechnologyTrust your security with our leading team of experts that have the technical skills and the industry insights to keep you ahead of evolving cyber threats.
Operational ResilienceLet us be your dedicated partners to ensure you have active 24/7 monitoring and an expert team that’s ready on day-zero.
IT done right with CyberNova

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